Renovis TAURUS T31A

Street luminaire Renovis TAURUS T31A

Modular LED street luminaire

Road luminaire LED Renovis TAURUS T31A is designed to illuminate the exterior traffic routes for companies where there are difficult working conditions, such as:

  • Dustiness caused by ongoing technological processes
  • Occurrence of various chemical compounds of acidic or basic in the working environment
  • Occurrence of steam ejections, and thus high air humidity, temporarily reaching up to 100%

Certyfikaty UL CE ROHS CB TUV

Budowa mod­ułowa (mod­uły wyko­nane w klasie szczel­ności IP68), pod­wyżs­zona udarność IK10, radi­a­tory chro­nione przed wnikaniem zanieczyszczeń, a przede wszys­tkim łatwy i sprawny ser­wis, sprawiają, że oprawa drogowa Renovis TAURUS T31A doskonale sprawdza się jako oświetlenie ciągów komunikacyjnych takich zakładów jak: Modular construction (modules made in class IP68), increased impact strength IK10, radiators protected against the ingress of contamination and, above all, easy and efficient service, make street luminaire Renovis TAURUS T31A perfectly as a traffic routes lighting in such establishments as:

  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Cement factories
  • Coking plants
  • Mines
  • Steelworks
  • Foundry
  • Shipyards
  • Forges
  • manufacture of metal structures — especially in the vicinity of shot blasting and sandblasting

Renovis TAURUS T31A is one of the few in Polish market LED street luminaire made in modular technology, which gives it a significant advantage over competing solutions. The modules are designed in IP68 (in the housing there is no gas exchange associated with thermal expansion while working), as well as hermetic connectors, allowing service without any special tools. In addition, all maintenance work can be performed without removing the fixture, which significantly lowers the expoitation cost. Modules can be adapted to almost every requirement, with a wide range of light distributions and color temperatures.

Main features

  • Applied modular technology provides easy installation and service
  • Efficient heat dissipation due to the honeycomb briquette effect
  • Eutectic soldering
  • The highest protection class — IP68
  • High quality providing high damage resistance — IK10
  • Failure of one LED does not affect the others
  • Ergonomic light distribution allows to achieve high uniformity of light intensity
  • Many configuration of the modules ensures high versatility

Luminous curves

Renovis Taurus T31A - Luminous curves

Technical data

Input voltage AC100V-​277V Lifetime >60000h
Driver efficiency >91% LEDs brand Lumileds®
Power factor >0.95 Material Aluminium alloy
CRI Ra≥70 Junction temperature <80°C
Color temperature 3000K, 4000K 5000K, 5700K Storage temperature 40°C~+50°C
Surge protection 10kV/​5kA Working temperature 40°C~+50°C
Ingress protection LED Module — IP68, Driver — IP67 Air humidity 10%~90%RH
ModelPowerLm/​WLumen outputSizeNet weightGross weight
T31A-​2 80 120 9600 394×300×90 5.0 kg 5.9 kg
100 115 11500 394×300×90 5.0 kg 5.9 kg
120 110 13200 394×300×90 5.0 kg 5.9 kg
T31A-​3 120 120 14400 394×300×90 5.8 kg 6.9 kg
150 115 17250 394×300×90 5.8 kg 6.9 kg
180 110 19800 394×300×90 5.8 kg 6.9 kg
T31A-​4 160 120 19200 394×300×90 6.6 kg 8.0 kg
200 115 23000 394×300×90 6.6 kg 8.0 kg
240 110 26400 394×300×90 6.6 kg 8.0 kg
T31A-​5 200 120 24000 394×300×90 8.8 kg 10.5 kg
250 115 28750 394×300×90 8.8 kg 10.5 kg