Linear lighting

Renovis ANTLIA

Linear lighting

Rising energy costs and the continuous improvement of LED technology resulted in the classical linear luminaires based on fluorescent lamps have become unprofitable. In addition, their light is harmful to the eyes, and the mercury vapor contained in them are highly dangerous. A series of linear LED luminaires Renovis ANTLIA eliminates all these disadvantages, moreover, providing significantly higher durability, instant illumination and the ability to work in extreme temperatures. Housings IP65 guarantees reliability even in the most demanding conditions.

Linear lighting

Renovis ANTLIA is a top-​class linear luminaires available in several versions of capacity and length. The aluminum construction ensures excellent heat dissipation and resistance to damage.

Main features

  • Dimmable
  • Efficient cooling system extends the life of the LED and increases light output
  • No flicker and UV radiation
  • High color rendering index
  • Ingress protection class IP65

Technical data

Series Renovis ANTLIA Light output 95 lm/​W
Power See “available variants Color temperature 2700-​3200K, 4000-​4500K, 6000-​6500K
Used LEDs SMD 2835 Color rendering index (CRI) 85
Driver Inventronics Beam angle 135°
Input voltage AC 100-​240V Working temperature 40°C ~ +45°C
Drver efficiency >90% Storae temperature 25°C ~ +55°C
Power factor >0,95 Ingress protection IP65
Harmonical distortion <9% Lifetime/​Warranty >50000h /​5 years

Available variants

  • 600mm, 20W
  • 600mm, 30W
  • 1200mm, 40W
  • 1200mm, 50W
  • 1500mm, 50W
  • 1500mm, 60W
  • 1500mm, 70W
  • 1500mm, 100W

Renovis Antlia linear luminaires are available in two types of housings, each with a choice of opal or clear shade