LED panels

Renovis GEMINI

LED panels

LED panels series Renovis GEMINI is a great way to lighting offices, agencies, shops and other workplaces. Technology used in LED panels from Renovis makes light without the glare, it lights a uniform, dispersed light over its entire surface. Application of LED panels instead of conventional fixtures with fluorescent lamps eliminates the typical drawbacks of conventional solutions, ie. flicker, long starting time, low color rendering index, a significant decrease in luminous flux at extreme operating temperatures, or high energy consumption. LED panels Renovis GEMINI are environmentally friendly, do not contain toxic mercury vapors, or other harmful substances.

LED panels

Główne zalety

  • No flicker and UV radiation
  • High color rendering index
  • Ingress protection class up to IP65
  • Immediate illumination start
  • Extra low energy consumption

Technical data

Series Renovis GEMINI Color temperature 2700-​3200K, 4000-​4500K, 6000-​6500K
Power Patrz: “dostępne warianty” Color rendering index (CRI) >80
Light output 90 lm/​W Lifetime >50000h
Input voltage AC 100-​240V Working temperature od –40°C do + 45°C
Driver efficiency >85% Storage temperature od –25°C do + 55°C
Power factor >0,9 Ingress protection IP20/​IP65
Harmonical distortion <9% Warranty 5 lat

Available variants:

Power: 12W to 100W

The size of the panel may be practically any multiple of 300mm.

Typical LED panel sizes:

  • 300x300mm
  • 300x600mm
  • 300x1200mm
  • 600x600mm (typical for suspended ceilings)
  • 600x1200mm

The most popular variants of LED panels:

  • 600x600mm, 40W
  • 600x1200mm, 60W