Commercial lightning

Renovis VELA

Commercial lighting

So far, commercial lighting was realized using a halogen lamps, which led to high power consumption, very low durability and quality of lighting. Fine exposure of goods requires high light and high color rendering index, in order to make products look attractive and naturally lit. All these requirements are met by modern series of LED luminaires Renovis VELA, based on CREE COB LEDs.

Commercial lighting

We present you a perfect replacement for traditional solutions in the field of commercial lighting — LED luminaires series Renovis VELA. They provide natural, uniform lighting at extremely low energy consumption. What is more, due to the low heat emission and no UV radiation, they are ideal as an illumination of food products or museum exhibits. Luminaires Series Renovis VELA are made of the best materials and using the latest technology, so we can give up to 5 year full warranty.

Main features

  • No flicker and UV radiation
  • High color rendering index
  • Low heat emission

Technical data

Series Renovis VELA Light output >95 lm/​W
Power 20W, 30W, 40W Color temperature 2700-​3200K, 4000-​4500K, 6000-​6500K
Used LEDs CREE COB Color rendering index (CRI) >90
Driver Inventronics Beam angle 24°, 36°, 60°
Input voltage AC 100-​240V Working temperature od –40°C do + 45°C
Driver efficiency >90% Storage temperature od –25°C do + 55°C
Power factor >0,9 Ingress protection IP IP43/​IP54
Harmonical distortion <9% Warranty/​Lifetime 5 years /​50000 hours