Bicycle path lighting


Bicycle path lighting

LED luminaire series Renovis ANDROMEDA is the perfect way to illuminate bicycle paths, which an increasing number appears in our cities. Luminaires’ power has been chosen to ensure adequate light intensity and increase the level of security at the lowest possible energy consumption. Fixtures ANDROMEDA perfectly suits even as the lighting of walking paths.

Bicycle path lighting

Renovis ANDROMEDA is a series of road luminaires designed to significantly increase the level of safety and quality of lighting on the bike paths and walking routes. Excellent color representation improves the quality of vision and distinguishing details on the path and around it. A wide range of available options allows to adjust the lighting to the needs of the customer.

Main features

  • Efficient cooling system extends the lifetime of the LED and increase light output
  • No flicker and UV radiation
  • High color rendering index
  • Degree of protection IP65

Technical data

Series Renovis ANDROMEDA Light output 90120 lm/​W
Power 12W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 60W Color temperature 2700-​3200K, 4000-​4500K, 6000-​6500K
Used LEDs EPISTAR Color rendering index (CRI) 80
Driver Inventronics Beam angle 90° x 120°
Input voltage AC 85-​305V Working temperature 40°C ~ +45°C
Driver efficiency >85% Storage temperature 25°C ~ +55°C
Power factor >0,9 Ingress protection IP65
Harmonical distortion <9% Lifetime/​Warranty >50000h /​5 lat