Realization — Gymnasium sports hall

LED sport floodlight Renovis CORVUS TF1A

New Realization — Lighting modernization in sports hall in one of the Silesian gymnasiums.

Modernization started by conducting a thorough audit of lighting, on basis of which we have selected the appropriate LED luminaires and we made the project of hall’s illumination. We analyzed the conditions at the facility, and the requirements, which the lighting had to meet. The best choice was sports LED floodlight Renovis CORVUSTF1A model, into which we installed 3 customized 50W modules.

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Realization — Sports hall

Oprawa LED Renovis LYNX C

New Realization — Modernization of sports hall lighting, the province of Silesia.

The modernization was about delivering and installing triple module luminairesRenovis LYNX C with 120W power, illumination angle of 60 & deg; and a color temperature of 5000K. It replaced 45 outdated, energy-​intensive 400W metal halide lamps in the ratio of 1: 1.

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We say goodbye to light sources with a yield less than 20 lx/​W


The bulb can no longer pretend to be special lamp

According to the Commission Regulation (WE) No 2442009 of 18 March 2009, from 1 September 2009, stores in the EU can not order the traditional 100-​watt light bulbs. Since 1 September 2010, conventional light bulbs over 75 watts was withdrawn from the EU market, from 1 September 201160 watts, and a year later all lihgt bulbs with power up to 25 watts. Since 1 September 2012, all the traditional bulbs disappeared from the shelves, and their production was halted throughout the European Union.

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Road lighting as an element of road safety

Oświetlenie drogowe jako element bezpieczeństwa ruchu drogowego

“The level of Road Safety is affected by many factors, but it is not possible to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists without an accurate analysis of the lighting conditions of the roads surroundings. Street lamps should be such designed and operated to guarantee the maintenance of optimum visibility at night and in the dark. The selection of good lighting luminaires and their proper location is not everything — rational energy management is also important, it can reduce electricity bills. ”

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