What is color rendering index (CRI)?

Why CRI is so important issue of LED lighting?

the difference in color rendering - CRI

The colors are a result of interaction of objects with lighting. Which of the presented photographs accurately reflects the colors of items, in your opinion?

To determine how far the light spectrum differs from the spectrum of natural light, there was created a parameter called color rendering index. Commonly abbreviated as CRI, Color rendering index is not always properly interpreted issue. To get good color rendition and contrast, you should use a light source with a high color rendering index. Its maximum value is 100 and it gives us information about the extent to which the light source enables observation of color.

Good color rendering index, combined with a pleasant color temperature of light, for most people provides the best conditions for rest. Just compare streets and parkings lit by sodium lamps with metal halide or LED luminaires, whose color rendering is much higher.


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