What are the application areas of LED lighting?

Thanks to better parameters of LED diodes, mainly bigger luminous efficiency of white diodes currently finding application in all fields of light application for the purposes of lighting. Likewise, the richness of its housings range (simultaneous diodes, multi-​source modules, LED panels, LEDs, LED housing) will increase the range of application possibilities. LED can be used for the static lighting installation (for example, functional indoor lighting with workplaces), for dynamic installations (for example, decorative lighting, advertisements) with the change of intensity and colors, for furniture, showcases, etc.. Due to the long durability, LED diodes are suited mainly for the emergency and safety lighting.

In general, LED diodes are used in the following fields:

  • decorative lighting
  • architectural lighting (illumination of objects)
  • general lighting
  • accentuating lighting
  • advertisements lighting
  • signaling lighting
  • outdoor lighting
  • road lighting
  • vehicle lighting