FAQ Introduction

Nowadays LED lighting is developing fastly, however, it still remains at an early stage in comparison with other technologies, for example, fluorescent or high-​pressure discharge lamps that were the best ones over the decades. Since several years, renowned manufacturers of lighting successfully introduce LED products on the market. Due to the improvement of technology and progress in solving technical failures, manufacturers offer products with higher and higher technical parameters and broad scope of usage. At the same time, a growing number of market overrated low quality LED products is dramatically increasing. Such products do not meet the basic requirements of safety. The lack of certain legal regulations, standards and market surveillance in the area of declared technical parameters results in dangerous increase of low quality LED products segment. It represents the threat of the potential inhibition of the development of LED lighting technology, as well as loss, valuable benefits for consumers, competitiveness of the economy and the environment. This article has been prepared by a team of experts of the Polish Committee on Illumination and The Union of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers “Pol-​lighting” in order to approximate the problem of shining diodes for everyone, who works in the field of lighting (designers, electrical installers) or for whose who make decisions related to the purchase of lighting products (wholesalers, retailers). Authors are willing that the content of this article will be useful while discovering LED technology and making rational decisions. Elaboration reflects the most significant issues of diodes lighting according to the current state of knowledge and practice. The rapid development of LED technology and improvement in the field of standards, as well as, research methods will call for an update of the information covered in this article.